Hello Korea 1 Flower 1 do you remember 1 Blue Is The Warmest Colour2 1 hidden and infinite 1 Rock-Heart F 1 Korean 1 Memories 1 Missing everyone image 1 Muddled Errors 1 happy birthday yeonjeong 1 nunchi 2 1 Open S-S March 1 Seoul March 1 Yeonjeong comes to Aus  1 PosterofCapital22 1 See you soon  1 More Korea Please final 1 Switz 2 Switz Thank you poster AG Rare Book Showcase 1 Tired final 2 1

Play is our place for visual research, self initiated works and projects that fall outside traditional exchanges.

Our preferred topics of interest normally centre around emotions, our cities and the way we connect socially.

Other times, we like to thank, mark an occasion and just have a bit of fun ^^