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Our approach to value

Our approach to value

Date: 23 Apr 2021Author: Studio TunTun
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Taking inspiration from friends ABC Dinamo, we've moved to a new pricing model for our clients that reflects the visibility of work, not the time spent producing the work. This shift to an outcome based approach acknowledges the long term value extracted from design work — ie. the larger the company, the higher the extraction of value. Further, this realignment of cost reflects where a business is in their life cycle, adjusting the cost based on size of business and gives both parties the opportunity to form relationships of growth building together.

As our new pricing model is based on business size, we can truly commit to bespoke work that is not time boxed or templated — ensuring we are working towards the best possible outcome to meet the brief. It also means we can focus more attention to the quality and finish of outcomes with time no longer a metric to be measured — creating more value for our clients.

We won't go further as there is so much more to unpack — but do get in touch if you are keen to learn more.