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Studio Pillar 01 — Multi-Scriptual

Studio Pillar 01 — Multi-Scriptual

Date: 30 Apr 2021Author: Studio TunTun
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We’re sharing our inner drivers and principles, the cornerstone to which we approach every project regardless of outcome. Our studio pillars form a solid base for us to question, explore and work from. Our first pillar we’re introducing is the most expansive and the least tangible however it drives the most value from the work we produce not only locally but internationally.

Studio TunTun’s main goal is to broaden our understanding of multilingual design not only for ourselves and clients, but for the design discipline as a whole. As the global marketplace becomes further interconnected, we need to find better ways of sharing design that is accessible, speaks to local context and can be a force for positive change. We want to ensure that businesses are future ready, have principles in place for a borderless economy and can speak from a genuine place of understanding.

You’ll find us exploring this space at Update.Design — sharing insights and research at various conferences whilst our design outcomes will continue to develop into a set of design principles that will be shared to the industry via education channels.