Studio Pillar 02 — Multi-Disciplinary

Studio Pillar 02 — Multi-Disciplinary

Date: 07 May 2021Author: Studio TunTun
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We’re sharing our inner drivers and principles, the cornerstone to which we approach every project regardless of outcome. Our studio pillars form a solid base for us to question, explore and work from.

Our second pillar we’re introducing flips the traditional notion of industry definitions such as ‘Experience’ design, ‘Digital‘ design, ‘UX or UI’ design, ‘Graphic‘ design and the latest trend under ‘Innovation‘ design. We see all of these definitions as centred on ‘design‘ — meaning one day we may be digital designers, the next day, graphic designers and again on other days, design researchers. Our depth of understanding differs (see illustration) but ultimately, we are still designing, we just happen be to using different tools, thinking about different mediums and debating whether there is another potential to explore. We’re lucky to have a group of specialists to help fill the gaps we can't cover at times.

Without a predefined process or definition, each project is unique, bespoke and tailored not to a specific process, but to a desired outcome. This approach to design is not new, but ensures we design the right thing, right. It allows the studio to be flexible when required, explore new territory when possible and to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

A byproduct of this approach does make the studio harder to define. We’re okay with that. It’s intentional. Some call it multidisciplinary. We’ll call it design. We make beautifully practical design. And we couldn’t be happier.