Studio Pillar 03 — Multi-Structural

Studio Pillar 03 — Multi-Structural

Date: 03 Jul 2021Author: Studio TunTun
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We’re sharing our inner drivers and principles, the cornerstone to which we approach every project regardless of outcome. Our studio pillars form a solid base for us to question, explore and work from.

The last pillar of the studio is a reflection inwards looking into the daily practice of the studio, how people have agency over their design work, and the way we work together as an organisation and with clients.

It is the least defined aspect of the studio, in part because it has the ability to be very flexible and transient — but the main components evolve around the autonomy of the individual, a dynamic power structure based on the project and an ability to scale at a moment's notice. This means that the studio provides support to the lead designer on a project, giving everyone a chance to develop their own style and provide plenty of space to learn.

But we also know this may change, develop and grow to be something new. It depends on the studio, the designers involved and what our focus is on at the time. Yet this ability to shape shift, change and adapt to each unique need makes the studio more sustainable, resilient and flexible in a period of uncertainty.