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Our recent collaboration with Molly Rose Brewing is mostly beer, partly placemaking and plenty of storytelling. We set out to tell a story of a beer with no historical recipe, mixed mixed origins and an unclear history, we dug deep into the histories of beer making in France and Belgium and sought to find the nuggets of knowledge surrounding a single beer style.

Firstly, a quick overview of Grisette. It's a style of beer originating from the Hainaut province of Belgium. Grisettes were believed to have been created sometime in the late 18th century with brewers often shunning any information on how to make them. This region borders closely with France which is home to the well known Saison style. In essence, a Saison was made for agriculture workers (with some workers consuming 5L a day) and Grisette was a style made of the miners in the Hainaut region. However, in France, Griestte (Grizette) meant something entirely else, a term for the working class woman of the 17th century referring to the cheap grey fabric of the dresses of the period.

Moving to the label, we referenced the raw materials that miners had to dig, remove and bring to the surface in the underground mines. We added colour nuggets to showcase the ingredients being 'mined', a subtle reference to the historic workplace of Grisette drinkers but also the process that the brewery goes through to produce this liquid gold. 

We followed this up by creating a crest for molly Rose to signify location and to re-ignite the idea of placemaking, a homage to a past era of house signage, this 'house flag' comes to represent the beer itself but also the people who brewed it.

An Underground Summer
An Underground Summer
An Underground Summer
An Underground Summer
An Underground Summer
An Underground Summer